Friday, October 10, 2008

They got me!

I'm on break at work, and I'm not exactly sure how this works, and for the sake of time, I'm only going to do 3, so here it goes...

3 T.V. Shows I love to watch: 1. Grey's Anatomy, 2. The Office, 3. Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe

3 of my favorite restaurants are: 1. Sp^rk Restaurant/Lounge (shameless plug, but seriously, it's awesome), 2. Panda Express, 3. Cafe Rio

3 things that happened yesterday: 1. We won our softball game and are moving on in the tourney, woot woot!, 2. I saw my friend Molly for the first time since she's been married, I miss her!, 3. Went to class, blah blah

3 things I am looking forward to: 1. Graduating, 2. Getting married, 3. Seattle for my birthday! (hopefully)

3 things on my wish list: 1. A trip to London for the 2012 Olympics!, 2. A family, 3. A Pulitzer (4. Getting off work early! Cross your fingers) :)

3 People I tag: 1. Mark, 2. Martha, 3. Larissa

(P.S. This is not one of those things where you will die in 30 days if you don't do it, so if you don't wanna, don't bother)

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