Friday, October 31, 2008


(Our pumpkins from L to R: Mine, Jana's, Alex and Trevor's, Cole's, Molly and Andrew's, and Shawn's)

Halloween is truly one of the weirdest times of the year. You see so many random things. For instance, last year Cole and I were driving around downtown Provo late on Halloween night and we saw Darth Vader billowing along University Avenue all by himself. So random and so funny. Of course, I can't really talk because if you were driving down University around 11 last night, you would have seen two weirdos dressed as the King and Queen of Hearts walking, hand-in-hand, down the street (i.e. Cole and I). So far today I've seen a Blue Man riding his bike, a bear walking around BYU, and Captain Jack Sparrow delivering the mail, and it's just the beginning. Who said Provo's dull?

Anyway, I finally got a card reader so I can put pictures up! Hurray! Although my pictures pretty much go all the way back to Molly's wedding, I'll put up my Halloween-y ones. Enjoy!

Pumpkin carving contest. I like how all our faces pretty much look the same. Alex cracks me up in this one.

Andrew, Trevor, Cole, Shawn, and me, Jana, Alex and Molly

My pumpkin had some serious acne problems.

Cole's pumpkin. He did this without a pattern!

Cole and I won Best Overall costume at Janey and Jason's party. Long live the King and Queen!

Janey and Jason ("They've got a little Captain in them") :)

Hahaha! Shawn and Jana...I wish you could see their shoes. So classic.

Full body shot. Cole drew this free-hand and colored them. Impressive, isn't he?


Molly said...

haha! meghan! I love the pictures of you and Cole! Your outfits are so creative:) And girl, I've had a blog since like...May. haha:) I never update it on real things though. Ususally it's just my pictures so Larissa can critique them for me. I'll try to actually write something sometime...haha:)

Molly said...

Meghan! Check out this guy's blog...I like his photography a lot. He's really colorful! I don't know how much he costs, but I like his photography a lot and thought of you!!
Big Kaitlyn works with this guy at the GAP. I guess he does that job for fun?? I don't know, but she showed his website to me...anyway, so go look at it!!

Molly said...

update, Meghan! update! hahah...I love how I'm the only one who is commenting on this one post. I'm a nerd