Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random musings from a bored employee

I'm at work and this is the lovely picture I took while waiting for a call to come in. I'm bored so I decided to blog. School has started again! I always love fall semester. Football games (which I rarely watch), cute clothes, colorful leaves, and all the best holidays are what we have to look forward to! Climbing the RB stairs and navigating human traffic has begun again. I've discovered this phenomenon. While walking on campus, I almost always come to this position where I'll be walking toward someone and we'll inevitably want to cross at the exact same spot of the pavement. There could be no one else around and we may not even be walking on a sidewalk, but it's like we go on autopilot and we can't break from the path, and we end up fighting over the same piece of walking territory. Then we have to do this awkward shuffling dance. Has this happened to anyone else or am I just weird? Just an observation.

Anyway, a lot has happened since last time I updated. Molly got married. I got an editing internship, school started, and now we're sending Cole's brother off on a mission to Tonga tomorrow. It's pretty crazy. It's sad because I know everyone will miss him, but I'm really excited for him at the same time. It kind of makes me want to serve a mission!

One moment of joy that I've recently experienced and replayed, and that I can't go without bragging about, is a softball game we played last Thursday. I play catcher on an Orem City softball league with Cole and his family. I'm not the greatest at sports, and I haven't exactly been the star player on the team. It was only a few games ago that I dropped two pop-flys in one game. The little umpire consoled me with the words, "Don't worry, one day you'll catch one of those." Sweet sentiment, but kind of embarrassing. If ever I were to "catch one of those," Thursdays game was the day. Our defense was on fire. We were digging, grounding, and diving. Finally, the clock had run out and the other team was at bat. We just had to hold them at 9 because we were up by 3. They had two men on base, and we had two outs already. One more. A girl got up to bat. Would they score? Her bat tipped the ball and it popped up in the air. Instinctively I ran towards it, thinking, You better not drop this! and in a moment of glory, it floated into my glove. I got so excited I ran away with the ball and the ump yelled, "You don't get to keep it!" The team rushed in and for the first time I experienced what it might feel like to be good at a sport, even if it was just lucky and even if it just lasted a minute. That little ump was right; my day had come!


Janey said...

Love the story! It almost brought real tears to my eyes!

martha said...

meg, that may be one the most pathetic things i've ever read.

lol on the other hand, good job! :)

Meghan Holmberg said...

you don't understand martha, you had to be there. It was awesome!

martha said...

MEGHAN!!! post more. mooooorrrreeeee!